Strictly TweetBot Wordpress Plugin

Version 1.1.6

Strictly TweetBot Wordpress Plugin

Strictly TweetBot is a Wordpress plugin that is designed to post automatic twitter messages to one or more accounts whenever an article is added to your site.

There are two versions of the plugin.

One is the free version which you can obtain from the WordPress plugin site and has less features, the other is the pro version which you can pay for and buy here for just £25.00.

Strictly TweetBOT PRO - Version 1.1.6

Although the free version is good at what it does the Pro version has many more configurable options that aid performance and debugging. These include:

  • The ability to add querystrings to your new post when making an HTTP request to cache it. Some plugins require special keys or querystrings to enable it to be cached. This feature allows you to customise the behaviour to your own caching plugin.
  • The option to add a delay of N seconds after the response from the HTTP cache request is made before tweets are sent out. This ensures the system has time to cache the post before all the BOTS and Users hit it and cause performance problems e.g a Twitter Rush.
  • The option to aid performance by reducing Twitter Rushes by adding a sleep command inbetween each Tweet that is sent out. As 50+ requests to your new page will be made for each tweeted message you want to aid your sites performance as much as possible by stagering out these requests.
  • The option to set a maximum length that a Tweet can ever be. This ensures that you won't ever get errors back from Twitter due to Tweets being too long.
  • The option to disable the link between Strictly TweetBOT and Strictly AutoTags. Instead of waiting for AutoTags to complete it's tagging so that you can use the tags or categories as #hashtags you can post straight away. Useful if you are having issues with the link between the plugins.
  • Even more helpful messages when you run the Test Configuration button or when you view the details of the last tweet messages sent out.

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Strictly TweetBot 1.1.6
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More about Strictly TweetBot

The Strictly TweetBOT plugin is ideal for people who regularly import content into their sites and want to make sure that one or more twitter accounts have their statuses updated with details of the new posts. You can even tweet different messages to the same Twitter account using different hashtags and text by using content analysis.

Why is this different from the other Twitter plugins

Yes there are many other plugins out there and they maybe perfect for your needs. However I wrote this plugin because I wanted to be able to send multiple tweets to multiple accounts without lots of configuration. I also wanted to format the messages differently per account as well as being able to choose whether or not to post a Tweet depending on the content of the article.

  • The new versions (free and PRO) work with the new Twitter API
  • Easy to post tweets to multiple accounts OR post multiple tweets to the same account!
  • Very simple to authenticate your account ownership using the new OAuth method. There is no need like other plugins to register it as a consumer application.
  • Format your messages with easy to use placeholders e.g %title% %url% %hashtags%.
  • Use the and API to shrink your URL's before tweeting.
  • Append Google or other tracking codes and parameters to the original URL before shortening it.
  • Use the Tweet Shrink API to shorten your message text OR use my own custom Text Shrink function to convert words into text speak OR even use both together!
  • You have the option to use the categories or post tags against your article as the source for your #hashtags or you can setup default hash tags to be used all the time. The default tags are also used when the others are unavailable.
  • Use the Content Analysis option to always Tweet, only Tweet if the article contain ALL or ANY of the specified words or DON'T Tweet at all if the article contains the words in your content analysis list.
  • Ignore certain words, categories or post tags when creating your hash tags. Useful for ensuring bad language is never tweeted.
  • The dashboard report keeps you informed of all your latest status updates and error messages from Twitter when tweeting. Even if you are not on the site when the Tweet is sent out.
  • I have added an easy button to test the configuration of your plugin. This will test all your accounts, the cache function, all 3rd party API access as well as the tweet shortening methods by using your last post as an example.
  • Increase your sites performance by automatically sending an HTTP request to the new post before any Tweets are sent out so that properly configured caching plugins/modules cache the page and prevent Twitter Rushes.
  • The latest versions have automatic configuration so that the plugin is linked to the latest edition of Strictly AutoTags. This means that when a post is being tagged no tweets are sent until the tagging is complete so that post tags and categories are available to be used as #hashtags! The PRO version has an option to disable this feature so that tweets are send out immediately after an article is posted. However I don't recommend turning this on unless you are having problems and are willing to always use default hashtags within your tweets.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Download or purchase the Strictly TweetBOT plugin from here, WordPress or
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Upload the directory strictly-tweetbot to the /wp-content/plugins directory on your WordPress blog.
  4. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  5. Configure the plugin in the admin section of Wordpress.
  6. Use the Add Twitter Account button to setup a new Twitter account, set the parameters for the account and hit the Save Settings button.
  7. When the page refreshes any new accounts will request that you click a link that takes you to Twitter and gives you a PIN code to enter into the provided box to link the plugin to your account. Re-Save your settings and the account will be activated and linked to your Twitter account ready for posting.
  8. If you want to setup multiple Tweet filters per account you will only need to link the filtering account to your Twitter account once.
  9. After setting up your accounts use the Test Configuration button to test that everything is set up correctly.
  10. If you have downloaded the free version then once you have found out how brilliant this plugin is and how easy it is to use then please donate me some money!

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You can buy this plugin direct from my site by filling in the order page by clicking the link or image below, or you can visit to view it if you would prefer.

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If after paying you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Download The Free Version of Strictly TweetBot 1.1.5

The free plugin is hosted on the Wordpress Subversion repository and if you are looking for the most up to date version you should check there first to access the individual files in the trunk.

If you want the most up to date stable version all zipped up then you should use the Wordpress download link.

If for whatever reason the Wordpress server is unavailble then you can download a version from my own server here: Strictly Tweetbot version 1.1.4

Donations Appreciated

Your donations help keep my work freely available. Please consider a small donation of any amount to show your appreciation if you like this plugin.