Strictly AutoTags Wordpress Plugin

Version 3.0.5 (PHP 7) - Version 3.0.3 (PHP 5)

Strictly Auto Tags Wordpress Plugin

Strictly AutoTags is a Wordpress plugin that is designed to do one thing and one thing only which is to add the most relevant and appropriate post tags to your articles as well as discovering new tags on the way with as little effort as possible.

It is based on simple rules in the English language that find words useful for tagging such as company names (Strictly Software, Sun Microsystems etc), people's names (Robert Reid, John Smith etc), acronyms (CIA, FBI, FED, ISIS etc) and other words based on rules in the language.

Therefore please do not use this plugin if you expect it to work on non English based languages.

If you are using PHP 5 then download version 3.0.3 and if you are using PHP 7 then you will need version 3.0.5 due to the depreciated /e regular expression modifier in PHP 7. Please check the Strictly-Software blog and the Facebook Page for information on bugs and issues the plugin may have.

If you have any particular issues with the plugin either with the code, setting it up or issues with compatibility with other plugins then you will need to buy a configuaration coupon for me to do specific work on your site. However this will probably require me to have access to your system and you should follow all the guidance on setting up the plugin and debugging in the Readme.txt file, blog and Facebook page before obtaining one.

This plugin is ideal for people starting new blogs who haven't yet built up their own taxonomy lists as the Auto Discovery feature enables you to build up your tag lists automatically. As new posts get added your tag list will grow with your blog. It is also great for Automatic Blogging Systems or sites that require accurate tagging and great Search Engine Optimisation with as little human interaction as possible. It is also a brilliant plugin to use alongside the Strictly TweetBot plugin as you can automatically use the post tags the plugin generates as #HashTags in automated tweets to multiple Twitter accounts.

There are two versions of the plugin.

One is the free version which you can obtain from this site and has a lot less features. The other is a paid for version which you can order and download from here for just £40.00. The reason I have split this plugin up is that I have put a lot of work into this plugin and even with over 201,848 downloads (Sep 2015) I have hardly had any donations. This is despite the fact thousands of websites, companies and SEO sites use it and lots of sites talk about how good it is.

If everyone had donated me a single £ then I would not have to do this and in all honesty I don't like having to keep two versions of the code going. Therefore if people did start donating me a single pound per download I would be able to spend much more time developing the features for this plugin as a free program for everybody's use. As for why WordPress removed it from their plugin site I have no idea.

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How it works

The plugin scans each new post as its added for suitable words that could be used as tags and then orders them so that only the most relevant words get added to the post. It has the ability to rank words contained in the title, headers and other HTML such as <strong> or <em> tags higher than other plain text.

As well as using existing tags to find new ones this plugin has an Auto Detect feature which when enabled will use some simple logic to detect new words to treat as tags. I have found that over 90% of all the tags I use in my numerous blogs fall into one of the following three categories: Acronyms e.g CIA, FBI, AIG, IT, SQL, ASP, names of people, companies, institutions, places and countries e.g John Smith, Barclays Bank, Federal Reserve or USA. Therefore unlike other plugins Strictly AutoTags will scan new posts for words and sentences that match these groups and then use them as potential tag candidates.

As well as just finding new tags and using existing tags to find relevant words to be used for post tags in an article the plugin comes with some great features such as the ability to deeplink a specified number of tags to their related tag page, highlight a number of the tags in <strong> tags and automatically convert plain text links into real clickable anchor tags.

The benefit of deeplinking on saving a post and not outputting it is that you speed up the display of a post as you only save a post one or a few times whilst it can be displayed thousands of times (with or without a caching plugin). There are also options to clean out the SEO options e.g remove deeplinking and bolding when you save a post so that every edit gets a new AutoTag scan and in the new paid for version has a Clean Edit Mode which allows you to edit individual posts one at a time and remove any HTML the plugin may have added. There is also a bulk clean option but on sites with large numbers of articles this could take a while to run. Also some people seem to have issues with embedded bolded or anchored words within existing anchored or bolded words. This seems to only affect a few people and I fixed this issue years ago so if you do get this problem I suggest de-activating other plugins and running the standard debug list on the blog or Facebook page.

The latest free version is 3.0.4 (PHP 7) and 3.0.2 (PHP < 7) which fixes some bugs and allows you to rank words within the title of the article or HTML tags like headers or anchors higher than other words, bulk clean your posts from any HTML the plugin adds, plus it has some changes to the regular expressions and functions. You can obtain this plugin from this page in the top right hand corner. Make sure you pick the right plugin for your PHP version and feel free to test out the plugin with the free version before purchasing the premium plugin.

However the latest "Paid For version 3.0.5" is a much more sophisticated plugin that is only available to people who pay £40.

New features in the paid for versions 3.0.3 and 3.0.5 enable you to do the following

  • The ability to remove basic formatting from the post. Ideal for auto-bloggers who import from feeds containing <B>, <I>, <FONT>, <SPAN> tags that could cause formatting issues on your site.
  • Better regular expressions, more checks and the ability to bulk re-tag and link with all key attributes (alt,title,src,href,data-blah) including shortcodes [youtube url] saved before re-formatting to keep the original HTML in tact.
  • New functions to find tricky words like al-Nusra Front, World War II or 1,000 Guineas.
  • Bulk update to remove all HTML the plugin adds.
  • Option to turn the plugin into Clean Edit Mode so you can edit individual articles to remove any HTML you don't like.
  • New functions to turn text like and into clickable links e.g
  • Set a minimum length of characters for a tag to be used.
  • Set the maximum number of words allowed in a tag.
  • Set equivalent words for tags e.g search for Edward Snowden, NSA or PRISM and use the tag Internet Privacy.
  • Bold and deeplink common used tags to create great SEO for Googlebot and BING to crawl.
  • Set the minimum number of tags that must be stored against articles before they can be used in any deep linking.
  • Set the maximum number of tags in an article to deeplink.
  • Set the maximum number of tags to place against an article.
  • Create a list of case sensitive and case insensitive "noise" words to ignore and never use as tags.
  • Use the new finished_doing_tagging hook which is available for other plugin authors to use so that actions only occur after tagging is done on a post. For example my other plugin Strictly Tweetbot uses this hook so that tags are available to be used as #hashtags in tweets.
  • All content already inside special HTML tags <H1-6> <a> title, src, href, alt and new data-blah or data-blah-blah attributes and Wordpress shortcodes e.g [youtube url] are stored in memory to prevent bolding or deeplinking within other tags or attributes.
  • All shortcodes are removed before auto discovery so that attributes or words inside them are not accidentally matched as potential tag candidates.
  • Important closing HTML tags such as </H[1-6]>, </P>, </DIV> or <HR /> are replaced with a period so that words at the end of one closing tag is not joined with the starting word of another tag.
  • The ability to add rel="nofollow" to any links that are made clickable e.g
  • Add rel="nofollow" to any existing outbound links on the page which may have come from imported feed content.
  • A new list of "Top Tags" which if found in the article will be ranked much higher than any other tags. This allows you to ensure your sites main keywords are tagged, bolded and deeplinked, even if they are only found in the content a couple of times.
  • The option to remove all numerical characters before auto discovery so that if you don't want complex words like 1,000 Guineas or 2,000,000 Million Pounds matched you can ignore the numbers.
  • Fix for the deletion of mass tags so that it doesn't affect any categories with the same name.
  • Override the siteurl WordPress Database setting which is used in deeplinking tags. Ideal if you have a custom site folder structure and don't want to change the siteurl value in the database.
  • Fix for certain checkbox options such as Skip Pre-Tagged Posts which were not being saved.
  • New help section with the test post for checking whether the plugin is working.
  • A check to ensure that if the newly re-formatted article is less than 50 characters long the original article is kept and an empty article isn't saved instead.
  • Added required domain of strictly-autotags for any language pack support.
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Latest free version 3.0.4

Version 3.0.4 is the latest free version available and contains the hook finished_doing_tagging and the storage of shortcodes and data attributes as well as some cleaner regular expressions and the option to bulk clean your posts. It also includes the fix for mass deletions and Skip Pre-Tagged Posts.

If you want to check out a website that has been using the plugin for sometime then check out this alternative news site and see the tags that are displayed for each article.

Configuration Tips

If you are buying a plugin then for SEO reasons you should fill the Top Tags section up with your sites main SEO keywords. You should also manually add in with the normal WordPress post system important tags so that the plugin can recognise them.

Another good tip is to not deeplink (insert a link to the related tag page for a word) too many times as this will mean BOTS will waste bandwidth crawling the same page multiple times. You should also ensure that a word/tag has at least a decent number (5+) of pages related to it before using it as a tag. Keep the number of tags with one or two uses to a minimum by regularly cleaning out tags with no use. I would also customise your 404 page into a search page so that if you somehow leave broken tags in posts it does not hurt your SEO.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Download or purchase the plugin.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Upload the directory strictlyautotags to the /wp-content/plugins directory on your WordPress blog.
  4. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  5. Read all the possible settings at the top and then each note under all the options.
  6. Configure the plugin to your liking in the admin section of Wordpress.

Buy The Best Version - Strictly AutoTags 3.0.5

You can buy this plugin direct from my site by filling in the order page by clicking the link below.

If after paying you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note each verion is a stand alone product just like any other software product. If you bought Microsoft Word 98 you wouldn't expect free versions of MS Word for every release since. This works in the same way. If you want another release you will need to pay another £40.00.


The WordPress plugin page only handles updates for the free version NOT paid versions. The paid version has nothing to do with as they do not allow plugin authors to sell their plugins on their site. So do not try and upgrade using their site as it will overwrite your paid for version (with more features) with the latest free version (with fewer options).

Buy Strictly AutoTags version 3.0.5 now!

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Download Strictly Auto Tags 3.0.4 (free version)

The plugin was hosted on the Wordpress Subversion repository but for some reason it has been taken down so if you are looking for the most up to date version you should check here first to access the individual files in the zip file download.

Configuration Coupons

If you have trouble configuring your plugin or need help setting it up and getting the correct settings for your site then you can purchase a coupon for £20 which gives you my time and help on your system. On receipt of the coupon all I will need is access to your admin area with permission to change the plugin settings so that I can set it up for you and recommend settings for what you want to achieve. Every site is different so every sites configuration will be as well.

Buy a Strictly AutoTags Config Coupon now!

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Donations Appreciated

Your donations help keep my work freely available. Please consider a small donation of any amount to show your appreciation if you like this plugin. The more people who could donate a single £1 per download would help me keep just one version of this plugin running instead of two.