Test Debugging Browser Uselessness

This test page relates to the article I wrote about debugging with IE 8's developer toolbar.

To Run the test in your own browser do the following

  1. Try this test in multiple browsers to spot the performance difference e.g IE 8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and maybe any other browser that supports a console or has Firebug Lite installed.
  2. Open your Task Manager or run a Top command so that you can check out the CPU and Memory usage during the test.
  3. Open your console e.g Firebug, Chrome or Safari's developer toolbar and most importantly compare its behaviour with IE 8's new console by opening the developer toolbar and choosing the script tab.
  4. Enter the number of mouse move iterations to stop at. I have found IE 8 can cope on my machine with 100 or less but kills it with 1000. On Chrome however there is no problem with any number.
  5. Click the button below to initiate the test and then hold your mouse button down and move your mouse around the screen at the same time.
  6. The code is designed to pipe a message to the console for every move the cursor makes for as long as you hold the mouse down and up until the number you entered is reached.
  7. When the mouse button is released the logging will stop.

Important - Please comment on the blog

How long does it take to crash your browser in IE?

Is it just me or is IE really bad at logging messages to the console in real time?

Could you put up with this behaviour if you had to debug fast paced DOM manipulations in real time.