Strictly AutoTags Wordpress Plugin

Version 2.9.7

Strictly Auto Tags Wordpress Plugin

Strictly AutoTags is a Wordpress plugin that is designed to do one thing and one thing only which is to add the most relevant and appropriate tags to your posts as well as discovering new tags on the way with as little effort as possible.

This plugin is ideal for people starting new blogs who haven't yet built up their own taxonomy lists as the Auto Discovery feature enables you to build up your tag lists automatically. As new posts get added your tag list will grow with your blog and it now comes with an option to re-tag your existing posts.

New features enable you to:

  • The ability to remove basic formatting from the post. Ideal for auto-bloggers who import from feeds containing <B>, <I>, <FONT>, <SPAN> tags that could cause formatting issues on your site.
  • Better regular expressions, more checks and the ability to bulk re-tag and link with all key attributes (alt,title,src,href,data-blah) including shortcodes saved before re-formatting to keep the original HTML in tact.
  • New functions to find tricky words like al-Nusra Front, World War II or 1,000 Guineas.
  • The ability to strip all numbers from the auto discovery text so that if you don't want words with numbers to be matched e.g 2,000 Pounds or 200 Soldiers they won't.
  • Bulk update to remove all HTML the plugin adds.
  • Option to turn the plugin into Clean Edit Mode so you can edit individual articles to remove any HTML you don't like.
  • New functions to turn text like and into clickable links e.g
  • The ability to add rel="nofollow" to any links the plugin makes clickable from text.
  • Set a maximum and minimum number of words a tag must have to be used.
  • Set a minimum length of characters for a tag to be used.
  • Set equivalent words for tags e.g search for Edward Snowden, NSA or PRISM and use the tag Internet Privacy.
  • Convert textual links like to real links e.g
  • Add rel="nofollow" to any links on the page created by converting text links or existing / imported anchor tags.
  • A new list of "Top Tags" which if found in the article will be ranked much higher than any other tags. This allows you to ensure your sites main keywords are tagged, bolded and deeplinked if you want them to be - even if they are only found in the content a couple of times.
  • Bold and deeplink common used tags to create great SEO for SERPS to crawl. This is done on input not output for performance. Clean up options available.
  • Create a list of "noise" words to ignore and never use as tags.
  • New finished_doing_tagging hook that is fired once tagging is complete which Strictly TweetBot hooks into and other plugins can make use of.

Tags: AutoTags, Auto Tagging, SEO, Tagging, AutoBlogging, Wordpress Plugin

Strictly TweeBot Wordpress Plugin

Version 1.1.6

Strictly TweetBot Wordpress Plugin

Strictly TweetBot is a Wordpress plugin that is designed to post automatic twitter messages to one or more accounts whenever an article is added to your site.

This plugin is ideal for people who regularly import content into their sites and want to make sure that one or more twitter accounts have their statuses updated with details of the account.

Most people who use this plugin also download the Strictly AutoTags plugin as this finds relevant tags which can then be used as #hashtags in the tweets that are sent out.

Tags: Twitter, Tweet, AutoBlogging, TweetBot, Blogging, Wordpress Plugin, #HashTag hunter

Strictly Google Sitemap Wordpress Plugin

Version 1.0.7

Strictly Google Sitemap Wordpress Plugin

This plugin was developed specifically with performance in mind as I was experiencing out of memory issues with the existing sitemap plugins

Not only does this plugin have all the features of the existing market leader and more it runs using much less memory and with hardly any database queries. The plugin also comes with a built in validator, SEO analysis report, SERP index coverage report and much more.

Tags: Google Sitemap, XML Sitemap, XML, SEO, Performance, Wordpress Plugin

Strictly System Check Wordpress Plugin

Version 1.0.6

Strictly System Check Wordpress Plugin

Strictly System Check is a Wordpress plugin that is designed to allow webmasters to monitor their site at regular intervals throughout the day and to be notified if the site goes down or experiences database problems or high server loads.

This plugin was not designed to be a replacement for professional server monitoring tools however it is a nice easy to use system that can aid webmasters in monitoring their Wordpress site as well as notifying the right person whenever the site is down or running into performance problems. You might find that it also rescues your site from corrupt or under performing database tables before you even realise there has been a problem and that has got to be a good idea in anyone's books.

Tags: System Check, Automatic Monitoring, Peformance Tuning, Reporting, MySQL, Wordpress Plugin

Strictly Content Cleaner Wordpress Plugin

Version 1.0.0

Strictly Content Cleaner Wordpress Plugin

Strictly Content Cleaner is a simple Wordpress plugin that is designed to change content when it is being saved so that textual links are converted into proper anchor tags and video links are converted into proper videos.

Tags: System Content Cleaner, CMS, Anchor Tags,, Links, Wordpress Plugin

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