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  • Wordpress Plugins

    These popular Wordpress Plugins have been built by myself for particular needs that were not being met by existing plugins. Designed with high performance and functionality in mind they have been very popular and well reviewed since being released. The plugins include great tools for auto bloggers such as the Strictly AutoTags automatic tagging plugin and the Strictly TweetBot Twitter Plugin as well as other plugins for sitemaps and automatically checking and performance tuning your Wordpress site.

  • Are you a spammer?

    This Spam analyser tool allows you to check whether your details have been flagged as a spammer by using the same tool that blogs use to test for comment spam.

    Check whether your company, name, email, website or IP is on a spammer blacklist as well as analysing content before posting it as a comment on other sites.

  • MyIP Connection Checker Tool

    This internet connection checker tool will reveal the information that you current web connection is giving away about you. If you are using a web proxy or other form of anonymiser tool then this page will let you know whether you are really surfing in privacy or not. It reveals you current IP address, HTTP headers, GEO location and current browser details.

  • Super Search Tool

    This super anonymous search tool allows you to search the top three search engines at the same time anonymously. A proxy chain is used to carry out the searches which means nothing is logged on our server or the remote server about your search request including your IP, search terms and other identifying features. All advertisements and trackers are removed from the search results.

  • Web Scanner

    This online web scanner tool allows you to scan remote domains for key information. If you are unsure about a site you have never visited, concerned about security or content or just want important information about a URL then this tool maybe for you.

    This tool is very easy to use and you just enter the URL to webscan and the system will carry out multiple scans of the content looking for information such as external links, logons and email addresses, robot.txt and sitemap content, WHOIS information, IP information, XHTML validation results, Malware security report and details of potential privacy concerns such as trackers, urchins, adverts, iframes and potential harmful links.

  • URL Shortening

    This online URL shortener tool allows you to create very short URL's quickly. This URL shortener tool is free to use for the standard format e.g but if you would like to use your own sub-domain within the short URL e.g mysite.strul/a then you should contact me for pricing.

    The benefit of using your own sub-domain is that you keep brand awareness and enhance SEO wherever the URL's are located as well as having the benefit of not having to share short URL aliases with other users.

  • Search IT Jobs

    This online tool allows you to search the latest jobs in the IT industry from over 200+ jobboards based in the UK and around the world. The jobs are collated by my own system and provide links back to the original site for you to view the job details or apply to the vacancy. If you are a web developer or work in the IT industry and looking for a new job then this is the job search tool for you.

  • Javascript Compressor and Minifier Tool

    This online compressor tool will allow you to compress and minify Javascript including removing white space, comments, combining strings and variable declarations, renaming variables and functions and much more. Upload a file or paste the content in up to a maximum size of 200KB. Use the advanced options to customise it for your own needs including renaming your own global objects and functions to smaller names. If you are looking for a customisable Javascript compressor then this is the online tool for you.

  • Twitter Translator

    This popular online tool allows you to translate your favourite Twitter feeds into multiple languages. Choose the Twitter feed to translate and pick from one of the 42 languages on the form then hit Translate. If you would like to link directly to this online tool from your own site then you can use the provided search engine friendly URL to your Twitter profile so that visitors to your site can be updated in their chosen language whenever you tweet.

  • HTML Encoder and Decoder

    This online developer tool is very popular at the moment and rectifies a gap in the Javascript language by offering an HTML encode and decode function. Paste your content into the specified input and choose the encoding method you wish to use. There is also an option to set whether you want to handle double encoding or malformed entities. The code for this function is available from the Javascript downloads page.

  • JavaScript Unpacker Tool

    This great online developer tool will uncompress, decode and reformat any Javascript that has been minified, encoded or packed to obsfuicate it. If you have used the Strictly Compressor tool to compress the original code then this online tool will also remove any global Get function as well as re-insert global objects it had previously minified. If you are worried about possible XSS injected scripts or just want to find out what a packed Javascript is doing then this is the online developer tool for you.

Please feel free to link to any of these tools from your own site if you find them useful.

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